In the field of optoelectronics products BANDO offers highest quality for polishing films.

BANDO Chemical Industries has realized the creation of nanoparticles characterized with
“uniformly and flexibly controlled particle sizes” and “superior dispersion stability”, by using the company’s original technologies of combination design and purification of the nanoparticles.

TOPX polishing films

With these technologies, we provide precision polishing products realizing high grinding force and high surface grinding accuracy.


  • Combines high grinding capability and surface precision
  • High precision surfaces are possible due to the small abrasive grains diameter
  • High grinding capability reduces grinding time
  • Long life reduces costs


  • Polishing of optical fiber end faces and related products
  • Polishing of fiber isolator parts
  • Other high precision polishing requirements
Standard Sizes
Table 1: TOPX
Product name Mesh *1 Film Color Average size *2 Polishing solutions
TOPX D 150 #8000 Violet 1.0 Distilled water
TOPX D 304 #4000 Green 3.0 Distilled water
TOPX D 502 #2500 Brown 5.0 Distilled water
TOPX D 902 #1200 Blue 9.0 Distilled water
TOPX D 122 #8000 Yellow green 1.0 Polyethylene glycol
TOPX D 322 #4000 Light green 3.0 Polyethylene glycol

*1: JIS R6001-1998
*2: Average size of abrasive grains (μm )

The TOPX – Polishing film brochure with additional information (Updated August 2014):

TOPX download