Narrow SP V-Belts

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Narrow SP V-Belts – DIN 7753T1, ISO 4184

These high performance Narrow V-Belts can be used in all industrial sectors.

BANDO NARROW SP V-Belts require much less space – at the same load – as conventional drive belts, i.e. their transmission capacity – in the same space requirements is much higher. These extraordinary product characteristics are based on optimized profile characteristics and on the use of very high quality materials.

Product Characteristics

  • satzgleich
  • temperaturbeständig von -30° bis +90°C
  • elektrisch leitfähig
  • bedingt ölbeständig
  • hohe Flammbeständigkeit
  • besonders beständig gegen Umwelteinflüsse wie Hitze, Ozon, Sonnenlicht und Witterungseinflüsse.

Belt Construction

  1. N03 Narrow V belts SP TypeRubber impregnated canvas
  2. Polyester tension members
  3. Neoprene insulation rubber
  4. Special lateral reinforcing cord
    Neoprene compression rubber

Dimension and Size Marking

N03 Narrow V belts SP Type dimensionN03 Narrow V belts SP Type marking

Standard Sizes

Table 1: Available Sizes of Bando Schmalkeilriemen SP-Typ
Typ Top width
bo [mm]
h [mm]
[ ° ]
SPZ 9,7 8,0 40 icon_pdf
SPA 12,7 10,0 40 icon_pdf
SPB 16,3 13,0 40 icon_pdf
SPC 22,0 18,0 40 icon_pdf

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