MDEC™ to remove particles

MDEC (Micro Dust Electric Cleaner) to remove particles and dust.


MDEC (Micro Dust Electric Cleaner): to remove particles and dust in microns in the high efficiency of removal performance in the electronics industry.

Adhesive roller cleaners are widely used in this field, but they have problems with adhesive performance decreasing over time.

The key technology for MDEC is a unique roller system applying coulomb force. The rollers are electrostatically charged to remove dust.

The particles are transported to a storage bin.

With MDEC, we contribute to minimal maintenance downtime.

BW 20191216 デモ before
Before cleaning
BW 20191216 デモ After
After cleaning

Adaptable width size

230 mm / 350 mm / 650 mm

Case studies / Manufacturing Process

  • Flexible circuit board
  • Fine-pitch printed circuit board
  • Ceramic capacitor
  • Lithium-ion battery (Roll to Roll)
  • Optical film for flat panel display
  • Glass substrate

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White Paper of MDEC™ White Paper MDEC Ver.1


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