HTS Belts (HTD Profile)

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The HTS tooth profile corresponds to the HTD profile.

It can be used with standard HTS pulleys.

Belt Construction

N03 HTS Belts HTD Profile 01

  1. Chloprene rubber backing
  2. Fibreglass tensile cord
  3. Chloroprene rubber teeth
  4. Nylon fabric

Section Dimensions

N03 HTS Belts HTD Profile Marking 01N03 HTS Belts HTD Profile Dimension 01

Size List

Tabelle 1: Available Sizes of Bando HTS Belts (HTD Profile)
Typ P H1 H2 Download
5M 5.0 mm 2.1 mm 3.6 mm icon_pdf
8M 8.0 mm 5.3 mm 3.5 mm icon_pdf
14M 14.0 mm 10.2 mm 6.0 mm icon_pdf

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