High Performance STS Belts

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Responding to the needs for “Energy conservation” and “High-Power transmission” on industrial machinery in recent years, Bando has developed the “High Performance STS belt”, capitalizing on our time-proven technology and experience.


Exceptionally high power transmission capacity:

The High Performance STS Belt achieves approximately 1.4 to 1.8 times greater power transmission than conventional STS belts.

Compact design:

The high power transmission enables belt width to be minimized, thus making system design as compact as possible.

Low noise:

The minimal belt width enables low noise operation.

*Konventionelle standardmäßige Scheiben können ebenfalls eingesetzt werden.

*Standard Riemenabmessungen können produziert werden.

Belt Construction

N02 High Performance STS belt 01

1./3. Rubber:

Synthetic rubber having less tooth deformation and a high level of hardness.

2. Tensile member:

Fibreglass tension member, with consideration for dimensional stability and flexibility.

4. Tooth canvas:

The tooth canvas has asperities on the surface and provides a low friction coefficient, accomplishing a low noise level of operation.

Furthermore, the S14M type provides two-ply tooth canvas which enables further reductions in noise levels and improved durability. The HPS-5M type is only available for clean specifications.

Size Marking

N02 High Performance STS belt dimension 01N02 High Performance STS belt marking 01


Table 1: Available Sizes of Bando High Performance STS Belts
Typ P H1 H2 B Download
HP-S5M 5.00 mm 3.61 mm 1.91 mm 3.25 mm icon_pdf
HP-S8M 8.00 mm 5.00 mm 3.05 mm 5.20 mm icon_pdf
HP-S14M 14.00 mm 3.70 mm 5.30 mm 9.10 mm icon_pdf

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