Ceptor®-X HTS

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High torque HTS synchronous belt Ceptor®-X HTS

  • Increased transmission capacity provides high-performance in a compact space

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  • Longer-lasting belt life decreases maintenance and replacement costs.
  • High transmission capacity makes it possible to use even narrower belts and pulleys

Belt Structure

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(1) Rubber: No deformation of teeth – hard flexible synthetic rubber
(2) Cord: Excellent tension-sustaining, high-strength carbon cord
(3) Tooth Fabric: Durable, anti-wear canvas prevents tooth shear


  • Layout flexibility: can use a backside idler pulley
  • Geräuschreduktion : im Vergleich zu Polyurethan-Zahnriemen

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  • Low noise results from narrower belt width (approximately 20%) compared to HP-STS.
  • Due to strong carbon cords and wear-resistant canvas surface, there is minimal belt stretch and tooth wear, increasing the durability and service life of the belt.

Runs on primary and 2nd generation “H” pulleys.

Ceptor X HTS 2nd Gen H Profile

Designed for 2nd Generation H-Profiles.

Ceptor X HTS H Profile

Suitable for H-Profiles


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