Bancord Round Belts (Open-End)

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BANDO Bancord Polyurethane Round Belts (Open End) – Open-end for Heat Splicing

BANDO BANCORD round belts are offered in two compounds:

  • Standard Compound 480 – 80° Shore A
  • High Modulus Compound 489 – 90° Shore A

BANCORD open-end round belts are made from a polyurethane base, whose physical characteristics make it possible to heat splice the ends for a seamless version.

Product Characteristics

  • Temperature resistant from -0° to +50° C
  • High flexibility
  • Good length stability and particularly resistant to wear
  • Resistant to oil, fats and chemicals
  • Particularly resistant to environmental influences like dust, dirt, ozone and atmospheric humidity.

Belt Construction

01 Bancollan Round Belts Moulded Type

Polyurethane without tension members

Standard Sizes

Tabelle 1: Bando Bancord Rund-Riemen PU
Typ 1,5-2,0-2,5-3,0-3,5-4,0 5,0-6,0-7,0-8,0-9,0-10,0-11,0-12,0-15,0 Download
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Hardness Standard: 80° Shore A (Compound 480)
Hardness Special: 90° Shore A (Compound 489)

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