Bancollan V-Ribbed Belts

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Bando Polyurethane V-Ribbed Belts have the following advantages:

  • Higher efficiency rate (low temperature development)
  • Withstanding high shock loads
  • Suitable for fixed center distance applications
  • Increased transmission capacity (up to 50 % higher than with conventional v-belts
  • Space saving (small pulley diameters)

Product Characteristics

  • Temperature resistant from -30° to +80°C
  • High flexibility
  • Particularly resistant to environmental influences like ozone and effects of the weather

Belt Construction

02 Polyurethane Poly v Belt con

  1. Polyurethane back
  2. Polyamide tension members
  3. Polyurethane ribs

Dimension and Size Marking

02 Polyurethane Poly v Belt dim02 Polyurethane Poly v Belt mar

Standard Sizes

Table 1: Bando Bancollan V-Ribbed Belts
Section Pitch
p [mm]
h [mm]
Hight of ribs
b [mm]
[ ° ]
H 1,60 2,50 1,00 40 icon_pdf
J 2,40 4,00 2,30 40 icon_pdf