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BANDO AVANCE is a revolutionary dry CVT belt which eliminates the need for oil cooling in automatic power transmission systems.
AVANCE is a hybrid V-belt which combines H-shaped muscle composites and twin tension members. This structural makeup is a unique Bando design, which creates low heat, high velocity, and high-torque power transmission.

AVANCE Features
  • highly efficient power transmission
  • the belt’s grip on the pulley is so firm that slippage is almost totally eliminated.
  • the low-heat generating structure enables full-capacity engine utilization, thus reducing energy costs
  • low noise
  • smooth transmission allows calm and quiet driving
  • light weight
  • minimal heat generation, so power can be transmitted without cooling accessories, which simplifies the structural design, and allows light weight automatic transmission.
AVANCE Brochure

AVANCE brochure including additional information:


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