Precision Seamless Belt

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Product Advantages

BANDO Precision Seamless Belt Series offers a wide product range of flat belts with various advantages:

  • Long durability thanks to seamless manufacturing
  • Tension adjustment not necessary
  • Superior conveying ability
  • Consistent belt thickness
  • High flexibility for application with small pulley
  • Improved flexibility and less torque loss due to the thinner belt construction

BANDO Precision Seamless Belt E-Series shows its superior performance and reliability in applications as:

  • Cash Counting Machine
  • ATM
  • Automatic Ticket Gate

Further Applications: Amusement Equipment, Vending Machines and many more…

Precision Seamless Belt by

BANDO Performance Advantage

Bando Precision Seamless belts offer superior performance.




BANDO Solutions

The BANDO Precision Seamless Belt E-Series was developed to avoid problems caused by:


Your suitable E-Series Belt specification for reliable operation
Belt Specifications and Size List

The Precision Seamless Belt E-Series offers various belts specification. Depending on the application requirements choose between:

  • EXL-101: Optimum conveying of bank notes through sandwiching
  • E-8U: Optimum conveying of paper and cards
  • EXL-104: Advanced pull-and-grip feed performance for conveying bank notes
  • EXL-200: High performance EPDM-Specification
  • E-8U/T: Special side tracking prevention *)

Precision Seamless Belt brochure with additional information about available sizes, performance and guidelines (Updated: June 2016):


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