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POWER ACE V-Belts according RMA Standard

These high performance Narrow V-belts can be used in all industrial sectors.

BANDO POWER ACE Narrow V-Belts require much less space – at the same load – as conventional drive belts, i.e., their transmission capacity in the same space requirements – is much higher. These extraordinary product characteristics are based on optimized profile characteristics and on the use of very high quality materials.

Product Characteristics
  • Matching-free
  • Temperature resistant from – 30° to +90°C
  • Electrically conductive
  • Limited oil resistance
  • Highly fire resistant
  • Particularly resistant to environmental influences like heat, ozone, sunlight and effects of the weather.
Belt Construction
  • Neoprene impregnated canvas
  • Strong polyester tension members
  • Neoprene insulation rubber
  • Neoprene compression rubber
Dimension and Size Marking


Standard Sizes

Table 1: Bando Power Ace V-Belts
Typ Top width
bo [mm]
h [mm]
[ ° ]
3V 9,5 8,0 40 icon_pdf
5V 15,9 13,5 40 icon_pdf
8V 25,4 22,2 40 icon_pdf
Material chloroprene
Product-type v-belt
Industry Industry