Ceptor VI – Super torque synchronous belt

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Ceptor®-VI is ideal for high torque synchronous power transmission applications.

Select the optimum belt based on application conditions.

  • Due to the higher power transmission capacity the belt width can be reduced.
  • Low noise performance due to the narrow belt width and compact design.
  • Compatible with standard pulleys.

Ceptor®-VI advantages:

  • High power transmission capacity: High torque transmission of Ceptor VI for lower speed range.
  • High strength tension members: Ceptor VI uses high strength tension members, therefore it has less elongation and longer life time.

  • Compact design: Ceptor VI offers narrrow belt design for operations in limited design space.
  • Noise Reduction: Low noise performance due to the narrow belt width.

Application Examples

Press- and Stamping machinery

Industrial Robots and Toys

Medical devices and bookbinding machine

Linear Robots and Kitchen Food Mixer

Belt Specifications and Size List

BANDO Ceptor-VI is the right choice, if your application needs even more performance than STS and HP-STS belts.

BANDO Ceptor-VI brochure with additional information about available sizes, performance and guidelines (Updated: November 2018):



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