BANFLEX Scrum banded V-Belts

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Banded BANFLEX SCRUM polyurethane V-belts were developed especially for high speed drives with a belt speed of up to 60 m/s.

The ground flanks and enlarged profile angle provide for extremely low vibration running. Small pulley diameters and higher belt speeds permit compact and light drives. Ideal for horizontal drives. The use of polyurethane makes the belt highly resistant to oil and ozone. The diagonally grooved back of the belt optimizes its flexibility.

Product Characteristics
  • Temperature resistant from -30° to +60°C
  • High oil resistance
  • Highly resistance to environmental influences like heat, ozone, sunlight and effects of the weather.
Belt Construction


  1. Polyurethane belt backing
  2. Banded polyester canvas
  3. Polyester tension members
  4. Polyurethane belt structure
Dimension and Size Marking


Standard Sizes

Tabelle 1: Bando Banflex Scrum Keilriemen PU
Section /
number of ribs
Top width
bo [mm]
h [mm]
[ ° ]
2- 5MS 9,80 3,30 69 icon_pdf
3- 5MS 15,10 3,30 69 icon_pdf
2- 7MS 15,60 5,30 68 icon_pdf
3- 7MS 24,10 5,30 68 icon_pdf
2- 11MS 24,40 7,00 68 icon_pdf
3- 11MS 37,60 7,00 68 icon_pdf
Material polyurethane
Product-type v-belt
Industry Industry