Bancollan V-BELTS

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There are two types of BANCOLLAN V-Belts from high quality POLYURETHANE:

VC Single Cogged Type
DC Double Cogged Type

Pulleys of 16 mm diameter and upwards can be used due to the belts very high flexibility. The cast belt profile shows very narrow tolerances, which leads to a very smooth running. Due to the use of polyurethane the drive remains “clean“ compared to rubber V-belts. High resistance to oil, fats and chemicals are further advantages of BANCOLLAN V-Belts.

Product Characteristics
  • Temperature resistant from -30° to +70°C
  • High resistance to oil, fats and chemicals
  • Low vibration belt running
  • Low noise
  • Clean operation: No ?black rubber dust“ problem.
Belt Construction


  1. Polyester tension members
  2. Polyurethane belt structure and backing
Dimension and Size Marking


Standard Size

Table 1: Bando Bancollan V-Belts PU
Section Top width
bo [mm]
h [mm]
[ ° ]
VC – 6 6,0 4,0 40 icon_pdf
DC – 6 6,0 4,0 40 icon_pdf
Material polyurethane
Product-type v-belt
Industry Industry