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Bancollan Bearings

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BANCOLLAN™ Bearings are available in load tolerance type or low hardness friction type. BANCOLLAN™ Bearings are suitable for all application, which require energy savings.

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Product Features

Good running resistance as the compound has little deformation due to load.

Excellent abrasion resistance compared with metal rollers, and reduced noise.

The load type is available in four different specifications, depending on the weight or the load Low hardness friction types with increased gripping strength are also available.

Product types
  • Light Load L100 (brown): Standard BANCOLLAN™ bearing.
  • Medium Load L200 (blue): A type with approximately 1.7-fold permissible load level of the light load type. This type has a longer service life than the light load type in the same conditions.
  • High Load L300 (nature): A type with approximately 2.7-fold permissible load level of the light load type.
  • High Load L400 (black): A type with approximately 3.7-fold permissible load level of the light load type.
  • Friction F100 (brown): Uses BANCOLLAN™ with lower hardness than the load types and exhibits high gripping force.
Application Example

Bando developed BANCOLLAN™ Bearings for a wide range of application. Application examples for

Load Types:

  • Airport hand baggage conveyance system
  • Mail automatic sorting system
  • Office document transportation system
  • Chain conveyor system
  • Automotive assembly line system
  • Small package continuous vertical conveyance system
  • Multi-story parking garage
  • Cleanroom conveyance system
  • Conveyance of charts, etc.

Friction Types:

  • Bill exchanger
  • Automatic ticket gate
  • Bankbook printer
  • Automatic ticket vending machine
  • Office copier
  • Automatic payment machine
Line-Up and Specification

The BANCOLLAN™ Bearings brochure with additional information about available types, sizes and specification (Updated March 2017) for download: