BANDO Smooth Coupler – One Way Clutch

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Eliminates rotational speed fluctuations, and reduces tension and axial force variations with a built-in unidirectional clutch in the alternator pulley.


BANDO SMOOTH COUPLER™ improve overall reliability in large engine alternator drives with high inertia accessories. A smooth run with BANDO SMOOTH COUPLER™ keep low electrical power consumption and long life-time of the drive system.


BANDO SMOOTH COUPLER™ is used by OEM‘s for several reasons:


  • Reduction of belt vibration
  • Avoid slipage at deceleration


  • Reduction of belt vibration
  • Avoid slipage at deceleration


  • Extend system life
  • Reduce consumption and emissions

BANDO is OE supplier for Toyota Alternator Pulley.

BANDO SMOOTH COUPLER™ was developed as OE product. It‘s function supports a smooth belt run for a long-life of the drive system. Please be aware that a solid pulley cannot provide same performance. Use only orginal BANDO SMOOTH COUPLER™ (BSC).

Line Up and Specification (Type & Sizes)

For addtional information about the BANDO SMOOTH COUPLER™ Line Up please download the brochure and contact us.


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